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“Eros and other Feathered”

Archaeological Museum of Florina

The Department of Fine and Applied Arts of Florina UOWM, in collaboration with the 29th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities presents the exhibition “Eros and other Feathered”.

In Greek cosmogonies Eros was one of the primordial creative forces of the world born from nobody. With his actions gave form to chaos and made living beings come together and give birth. They believed that Eros was a son of Ares and Aphrodite or of Uranus and Venus or Uranus and Earth. Together with Imeros, Pothos and Peitho were attendants of Aphrodite. He was throwing his arrows at people, inspiring sexual desire and made them mates. He was irresistible, mischievous and naughty, having the form of small naked winged boy armed with bow. With this form, Eros ran throughout the history of art from ancient times until today.

The winged God shared the skies with other entities; winged victories, messengers of the gods, like Hermes and Iris, winged horses such as Pegasus, and menacing monsters like Medusa and the Sphinx, inhabiting the world of mortals and gods.

These winged figures and Eros is the theme of the exhibition that is held in the Archaeological Museum of Florina, on the celebration of the International Museum Day, that this year has the specified by the ICOM theme: "Our museum of collections unite."

Participant artists:

Dimosthenes Avramides, Eri Agriou, Penelope Gaiti, Georgia Damianou, Eleni Zambouni, Mari Theofilou, Maria Kapantzaki, Evaggelia Karasteriou, Athanasios Karabetsos, Panagiota Karvouniari, Katerina Karoulia, Iris Kollida, Harris Kondosphyris, Georgia Kontou, Asimina Kouzouni, Manolis Koukos, Zisis Koutidis, Chrystalla Kyriakou, Theodora Michaelidoy, Dimitra Bairaktari, Olga Bogdanou, Irene Morou, Evgenia Nosi, Eleni Niska, Alexandra Pambouka, Maria Petkani, Argyris Rimos, Manolis Romantzis, Anna Maria Samara, Dimitra Siaterli, Christos Skourtis, Vasiliki Skrivanou, Sotiris Sterpis, Christina TzaniMaria Totou, Kaiti Tortoura, Haroula Hadjineofytou, Magda Christopoulou.