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“Short Stories I”

Art Athina 2015, Faliro Pavilion (TaeKwonDo)

The EN FLO proposal for Art Athina 2015 has to do with their action which will be held on October 2015, at the Asia Minor cultural Museum of Aigaleo. There different artists will be inspired by the collections of the museum and individual works will be used to create a single entity. Essentially, the action at Art Athina will be a bridge that links two places, as well as the human experience, operating as a platform for the exchange of ideas. What we are concerned with is how a small Museum like this, which is in fact a small core of historical material and social awareness, can be the trigger to make a greater dialogue related to political, social, ideological and cultural concerns. Our aim is not only the diffusion, the expansion and the creation of a network of Art, history, conversation but also compassion.

On the platform project of Art Athina, EN FLO will bring printed images, paintings of memory and pictures of people that lived in Asia Minor. By sewing those pieces together they will create a large patchwork with the help of the women of the Association of Asia Minor “Nees Kydonies”.

Conceptually speaking, the act of sewing refers to the stitching of images that are related to individual human stories that together make an entity. An entity that is nothing other than human history, or the pixels that make an image, or how the cells create the human body.

This stitching refers to yesterday as well as today, to the communion experience of ancestors and their descendants and also to the cite of memory for the purpose of purification.

A wall made from old costumes functioning as a fortress to protect the continuing action that will be held from EN FLO to the pavilion P44 of the platform projects at Art Athina. The visitor is invited to enter, participate and win his own fabric piece of “short story” by guessing key words.