event GR


Collaborative installation

SAF, Santorini


Τhe heterogeneous visual arts exhibition of Re-movement is complemented with a collective, collaborative proposal of students or graduates of the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of Florina. Georgia Damianou and Olga Bogdanou, both graduates of the School, recommend the interactive installation “De-touch” and invite members of the School to participate. Printed artwork illustrating parts of a body create overlapping levels which are mixed with the illustrations of the two artists. The audience is capable of altering the internal image of the installation as a whole by tear of as many works as they wish in order to create their own composition, as long as it is feasible. The visitors are therefore invited to enter and also, at the same time, to intervene to the artworks’ structure and outcome. A dynamic process which affects the human environment of a place overtime, adjusting and modulating the landscape that surrounds it.

In the collaborative indoor installation participate:
Agriou Eri, Andreosopoulos Dimitris, Vasileiou Vassiliki, Voulgaris Alexandros, Giovanoglou Anastasia, Dimopoulou Mara, Zervaki Eleni, Zoras Giorgos, Theofilou Mari, Karastergiou Evaggelia, Katsabeki Stella-Maria, Kompou Theodota, Konstantinopoulou Vasiliki, Lambropoulou Ekaterini, Menounou Evaggelia, Mpairaktari Dimitra, Blioumis Thanassis, Bobolas Stratos, Bournas Kiriakos, Xenaki Dimitra, Pantazis Giorgos, Pouliassi Irene, Robolas Giannis, Simitara Katerina, Tzani Christina, Totou Maria, Tsantiki Nikoleta, Ftelkopoulos Gabriel, Christopoulou Magda