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“Common Starting Points”

6 Normanou Str, Athens Print Festival 2016

A Common place, a common ancestry, or common choices? I simply answer, no: just a “common starting point.” The combining ring of this team which exhibits in Normanou 6 under the printfest 2016, is the following. Ten artists have experienced this special atmosphere – I would call “energetic bath” - that life in Florina town gives to its students. One can only realize it only after his departure from this condition. It is a peculiar relationship that emerges and grows between those and that happen to be found in this small place for a period of their lives. They are situated in an educational system - as in all educational institutions in the country - but simultaneously they submitted or enjoy – it depends on how an individual will perceive that reality- according to the rhythms and the rules of a very small organization, the Fine Arts faculty, the climate of Sakouleva River the two mountains in which the city spreads. They experience close relationships with each other and with their teachers, as if they were passengers of a ship. This experience sealed all the characters, their behaviors and the life of humans as if the engraving seals its traces on a piece of paper. The art provides a good opportunity to realize how you feel to each other. Certainly, each of the exhibitors started from the same land- area. Therefore, they all feel this relationship as a strong supply for the rest of the course of their career.
Text by Dimitra Siaterli.

Participated artists:
Ifigeneia Avramopoulou, Eri Agriou, Olga Bogdanou, Evangelie Karastergiou, Panagiota Koroniou, Anastasia Mikrou, Irene Mnatsakanian, Irene Morou, Elena Provata, Alexandra Tsitsinta.

Curated by Dimitra Siaterli
Οpening: Wendsday 9 March, 19:30