event GR

“Ego (without alter)”


Rethymno Cultural House, Crete


Match More Gallery, Chania, Crete


The invitation call to the participating artists, was formed in April 2020 during the unexpected and unintentional isolation, finding us facing both a particularly threatening situation, from the spread of Covid19, as well as facing ourselves. Locked in a strict framework and besieged by the onslaught of innumerable thoughts to overwhelm us in the endless hours of waiting and inaction.

The artists, through the EGO (without alter), were invited to exhibit themselves completely, treating the audience like a mirror, they reintroduced themselves and presented their EGO as it has been cultivated, developed and shaped by the influence of accumulated experience, personal ethics and values - not necessarily socially acceptable - but those fueled by instinct, the subconscious, those that people usually only discuss with themselves. The visual artists reconstituted and exposed their EGO, placed in a strictly square frame.

Participated artists: Agriou Eri, Androulidaki Mary, Giatroudaki Calliope, Douveri Angelica, Drygiannaki Stella, Kali Gianna, Kalogerakis Stelios, Kalfountzos Constantine, Karadaki Kalli, Karatarakis Manolis, Kouklinou Calliope, Monogios John, Boviatsou Lamprini, Pantazis George, Petsoura Sylvia, Skepetzi Chrysa, Sofikitis Phoebus, Stafylaraki Eudoxia, Tzotziou Dimitra, Tsouknaki Maria, Chamidieli Fotini, Christinaki Dimitra, Psychi Eleni.

Curated by Maria Tsouknaki & Konstantinos Kalfountzos