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“Archive in Motion”

Contemporary approaches of a historical trajectory.

Etch/ink Gallery, Athens


The four participant artists started by conducting a research on one acclaimed engraver each, and eventually presented elements of their process along with the final artworks. Eri Agriou focused on Tonia Nikolaidi, Antigone Valery on Opy Zouni, Elena Provata on Vasso Katraki and Valentini Mavrodoglou on Lampros Orfanos.

In particular, Eri Agriou studied the life and work of Tonia Nikolaidi (1927-2011), focusing on some of the numerous techniques used by the artist, connecting them with her own morphoplastic diction that goes beyond a purely printmaking expression. This way, she created two portraits in a concise manner, one of her grandmother’s and one of Nikolaidis herself, with the common material being the thread. Conceiving weaving as an emotional statement, the artist chooses to represent with a different means, but a similar denominator, two figures that have a special meaning to her, thus vividly expressing her personal and creative charge. Furthermore, the artwork-booklet, entitled Islands, is a reference to the place of origin of the printmaker, that is Ithaca, but also to the polyptychs she often produced, thereby wanting to illustrate in a non-descriptive way the sense of human presence.

Exhibition curated and text written by Elli Leventaki.