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“Refugees: 1922 + survival-integration”

Hellenic Parliament Library at the Former Public Tobacco Factory, Athens


The visual exhibition transports us to the synchronicity, to the level of reception: twenty-seven (27) artists, most of them refugees, second and third generation, record their own micro-stories about 1922, transforming the raw material of the survival and settlement of their ancestors in artwork and storytelling.

The exhibition offers an additional reading of the refugee struggle for survival, thus contributing to the composition of a wider exhibition context together with the other two exhibitions – this time contemporary, dynamic and dialogic, a kind of storytelling of the collective, timeless and trans-local trauma, which the Asia Minor Catastrophe brought about.

General supervision: M. Kamilaki, editing-coordination: M. Vlassopoulou, curated by: A. Tsamkosoglou and M. Kasimati.