newsevents GR

“100: visual artists creating in the beautiful country”

Technopolis city of Athens, Athens


55 artists working with different techniques, exhibiting their works under the theme of the word beautiful and how each and every one of them perceives it.

The curator of the exhibition Thetis Marianou notes: “This year marks a century of modern Greece. The country of destruction, hunger and hard struggles has earned its place in the future with toil, perseverance and optimism. This exhibition was born on bus 040 en route to Piraeus on a Sunday afternoon in October. I had just seen another exhibition of destruction, hatred and pain, one of the many exhibitions that are always held on anniversaries of the beginnings of revolutions or wars and of horrific disasters. Gazing at the perfect sunset, on my way home, I thought once again how lucky I am to finally live in this unique country, not only for its history and its contribution to human heritage but also for the magical feeling of its landscape, the ideal country perhaps, complete and already completed for a thousand years. It is 100 years since the signing of the Treaty of Lausanne, which created modern Greece in terms of population and spatial planning. Therefore, on the occasion of this event, I thought of organizing an exhibition dedicated to the special feeling of the Greek space, mainly for the calmness and self-sufficiency felt by anyone who leaves him or herself to its beauty, in the sea or in the mountains, in the heart of the city or in the most distant village. An exhibition with works either Greek themed or “beautiful”. The Greek space has an excellent design, shape and structure, a unique smell and sound, it exudes harmony and good mood, elements we can see in these works.”