“1821, Optic of a revolution”

Online Exhibition

War Museum, Athens


The digital art platform grcollectors invites you to the exhibition entitled "1821, Optic of a Revolution" where 200 artists coexist with their works on a symbolic canvas measuring 18x21 cm with a common starting point the freedom and preservation of historical memory.

“Ego (without alter)”

Rethymno Cultural House, Crete


Match More Gallery, Chania, Crete


The invitation call to the participating artists, was formed in April 2020 during the unexpected and unintentional isolation, finding us facing both a particularly threatening situation, from the spread of Covid19, as well as facing ourselves. Locked in a strict framework and besieged by the onslaught of innumerable thoughts to overwhelm us in the endless hours of waiting and inaction.

“Engraving the fairy tales.”

Etch/ink Gallery, Athens


Printmaking exhibition based on fairy tales. Ten women artists create artwork using different printmaking techniques. Etch/ink gallery celebrates one year of operation, presenting to the public contemporary printmaking proposals

“Eros and other feathered.”

Argos Orestiko Archaiological Museum


The exhibition was presented for the first time on May 14, 2014 on the Archaiologcal Museum of Florina. This year is held in the Archaeological Museum of Argos Orestiko, on the celebration of the International Museum Day.

“Art Meeting.”

Etch/ink gallery, Athens


Athens Printmaking Center Pandolfini & SiaterliI invites you to its new cultural space in Lycabettus in an exhibition - presentation with a variety of proposals for engravings on paper and fabric, useful art objects, gift ideas for everyone.


Folc Art Museum, The Bath House of the Winds Athens


Exhibition’s theme is based on the interaction of 15 contemporary artists with a group of elderly people from the Athens Nursing Home. The memories, experiences and stories of the people of the Nursing Home are the source of inspiration for the artists to create works through a variety of techniques, such as painting, installations, videos and performances.

“Faces and Masks of the 21st century”

Rethymno cultural House, Rethymno

Center of Mediterranean Architecture, Chania

The face and the mask of human nature in a time of intense humanitarian crisis.

The face of the person who is still looking for his identity, who still fights between the true and the false, the dream and the nightmare, innocence and perversion, progress and destruction.

“Xouthou project”

The silence of the city

17 Xouthou str. Athens

The Xouthou project was conceived in 2015 by a group of visual artists, actors, performers, directors, journalists and scholars in the fields of social anthropology and urban planning, from Greece and other countries. We came together to explore, document and creatively process material emerging from Xouthou Street in the Omonoia area. By means of a broader creative dialogue and interaction between artists and academics, we aim to create a body of work in direct dialogue with the space and its users.

“3rd International Photo Based mail Art NO DADA LEFT”

Refugees Museum, Thessaloniki


The Photography Center of Thessaloniki and the Artist Group TeeToTuM organize the 3rd International Photo Based Mail Art exhibition: No DADA left.


Greek Archaeologists Society Athens


Exhibition’s theme is inspired by Albert Camus’s book “The Stranger”, which states that “strangers” are all those who carry the feeling of diversity and exclusion from society.

“Common Ground”

Saint Sophia Cathedral, Rethymno

Ianos showroom bookstore

Veroia Archaeological Museum

“TeeToTuM” Art Group, and “Kat-ART-i“, an artists association for the promotion of art, invite you to attend the opening day of the International Exhibition, organized under the theme of: Common Ground. Twenty-five artists participating from Greece and abroad.

“With the Absolute Necessary-Blank Routes”

Platform Projects

Art Athina 2016, Athens

In the steady track of the train, with or without the violent nuance of time, the luggage will be travelling. - Forever? We don’t know. This might happen as well.
Besides, isn’t it this what luggage have always been doing? -Traveling. They travelled together with their owners, in search of a track, rain or shine, next to signs prohibiting smoking or to seemingly modest passengers who suddenly asked what the time was in an effort to catch the attention of their co-passenger.

“Common Starting Points”

6 Normanou Str, Athens Print Festival 2016

A Common place, a common ancestry, or common choices? I simply answer, no: just a “common starting point.” The combining ring of this team which exhibits in Normanou 6 under the printfest 2016, is the following. Ten artists have experienced this special atmosphere – I would call “energetic bath” - that life in Florina town gives to its students.

“The Fooling Children”

Rethymno Cultural House

“Philomusen gesellschaft” of Vienna, “Kat-ART-i“, an artists association for the promotion of art and the group of friends of poet Manolis Anagnostakis invite you to attend the opening day of the International Exhibition, organized under the theme of: “The Fooling Children” inspired by the book of poems “Childhood Muse” of poet Manousos Fassis.

“Short stories II”

Asia Minor cultural museum of Aigaleo


Artist of the En Flo group, collaborates with the museum of Aigaleo for an exhibition, creating artworks inspired by the items of the museum. This exhibition is the second part of their participation on the platform project…


Collaborative installation

SAF, Santorini


Τhe heterogeneous visual arts exhibition of Re-movement is complemented with a collective, collaborative proposal of students or graduates of the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of Florina. Georgia Damianou and Olga Bogdanou, both graduates of the School, recommend the interactive installation “De-touch” and invite members of the School to participate.

“Short Stories I”

Art Athina 2015, Faliro Pavilion (TaeKwonDo)

The EN FLO proposal for Art Athina 2015 has to do with their action which will be held on October 2015, at the Asia Minor cultural Museum of Aigaleo. There different artists will be inspired by the collections of the museum and individual works will be used to create a single entity.

Art Reveal Magazine


issue 5/2015

My interview in Art Reveal Magazine.


20 Contemporary Women Poets & 20 contemporary Women Printmakers

G. Gounaropoulos Museum, Athens

The G. Gounaropoulos museum presents, from March 4th until April 4th 2015, the exhibition “One poem, one image”. Presented in this exhibition are twenty original prints created by twenty contemporary Greek women printmakers.


Myro Gallery Thessaloniki

Four upcoming artists, Zoe Antoniadis, Kalianthi Vogdopoulou, Galini Kriaridis and Maria Tasoula , sharing their moments with abstract paintings and printmakings together with the installation ΨΧ of Eri Agriou.

”When Images narrates”

A Tribute to Tonia Nikolaides

National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation (MIET) Thessaloniki

The exhibition presents the works of students of the Department of Visual and Applied Arts of Florina. Artworks were established on occasion of the exhibition of Tonia Nicolaides at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Florina organized by MIET in autumn 2011.

Florina x 50

Florina City

Degree shows from the students of the Department of Visual and Applied Arts all around Florina city. Eri Agriou participated with her thesis project ΨΧ.

“7th Biennale of Greece’s Schools of Fine Arts”

Theocharakis Foundation, Athens

One hundred students of the Greek Schools of Fine Arts will present their works in the 7th Student Biennale, organized in June by the Greek art newspaper “Ta Nea tis Technis” (“The Art News”) in cooperation with the Liaison Office of the Athens School of Fine Arts.

“Eros and other Feathered”

Archaeological Museum of Florina

The Department of Fine and Applied Arts of Florina UOWM, in collaboration with the 29th Ephorate of Prehistoric and Classical Antiquities presents the exhibition “Eros and other Feathered”.


History and Art Foundation, Kozani

The Visual Exhibition of Eri Agriou, in Caesarea Kozani, was held on the History and Art Foundation on the occasion of the 1st Panhellenic Poetry contest. In collaboration with the Long Vechicle platform and the 3rd painting workshop of Department of Visual and Applied Arts Florina .

Rem brand Name Project

“The authenticity of the artist”

Tehnochoros Gallery, Athens

Lola Nikolaou Gallery, Thessaloniki

Technohoros Art Gallery invites us to play a wall art-monopoli. In the last exhibition of this year which is entitled "Rem Brand Name - The authenticity of the artist", we are asked to obtain an artwork by giving, why not, even 5 euros!

“A Word an Image, An Image a Word”

Athens Print Fest 2012, Melina Merkouri Cultural Center

Searching for the image through a word as well as the word through an image, the participants of the exhibition, “A WORD, AN IMAGE — AN IMAGE, A WORD” of the printmaking studio of the Department of Visual and Applied Arts Florina (University of Western Macedonia) become communicants to a new open form of communication code,

“The Face of the Artist”

Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki

40 Greek contemporary artists and 40 self portraits in this exhibition based on the idea of artist Lazaros Pantos and curated by Paris Kapralos.

“Environment, Image, Figure”

Myro Gallery, Thessaloniki

An exhibition between two generations of artists, most of them are related with a teacher-student relationship. The purpose of this exhibition is to see the differences and stylistic variations in the shape, form and orientation of art in those artists.